Jordan McCay, currently a junior at the University of Kentucky, was one of three students to receive the 2018 College of Arts & Sciences International Studies Winter Travel Grant. Using the funds provided to her by this grant, Jordan was given the opportunity to travel to Berlin and London over the course of two weeks. Having previously studied abroad in Japan, her time in these two cities not only allowed her to visit historical and cultural sites but share in these experiences with the international friends she made while in Japan.

In Berlin, Jordan visited multiple museums and memorials throughout the city. Of the sites she visited, Jordan’s experience at the Jewish Museum of Berlin has stuck with her the most. She recalled not only the powerful nature of the exhibits but also how the purposeful architectural design of the museum was able to relay German-Jewish history


By Rebecca Longo

Top, l to r: Eli O’Neal, Chase Carleton, Melynda Price (director). Middle: Claire Hilbrecht, Josh Ehl, Carson Hardee. Front: Aileen Tierney, Hannah Thomas, Bria Northington, Daniela Gamez. Not pictured: Will Kueshner, Nicole Blackstone, Megan Yadav.

The University of Kentucky Gaines Center for the Humanities has selected 12 undergraduate students as new scholars for the Gaines Fellowship Program.

The Gaines Fellowship is presented in recognition of outstanding academic performance, demonstrated ability to conduct independent research, an interest in public issues and a desire to enhance understanding of the human condition through the humanities. Founded in 1984 by a generous gift

  Trevor McNary, Class of 2016

Major: Economics and International Studies

Senior Engagement Associate at 270 Strategies *




What was your childhood like?

It was a fairly standard childhood. I grew up in Lexington and went through the public school system there. My parents always pushed the value of education and taking care of the most marginalized people which are values I have to this day.

How did you wind up at UK? Why did you select Economics and International Studies as your major?

After reading Freakonomics when I was younger, I always knew that I wanted to study economics when I went to college. This wasn’t really to gain any particular technical skillset, but I wanted to learn how to think like an economist. I decided to study international studies because I am


Graduating in 2012 with his bachelor’s degree in International Studies, Caleb Lucas was one of few IS students with a thematic concentration in international relations. Using the knowledge and experience he gained from focusing his studies in Africa and the Middle East, Lucas worked for a nonprofit in Detroit where he assisted newly-arrived refugees from the Arab world. In this role, Caleb helped establish an English Language Program as well as construct a four-season greenhouse all while continuing his Arabic studies at a local university.

While at UK, Caleb sought to combine his interest in political science and the Middle East through the International Studies major. He explained that, “The interdisciplinary nature of the program was appealing as I was exposed to both quantitative social science and ethnographic anthropology.” Now enrolled in a PhD program at the


Graduating in the spring of 2016, Cheyenne Maddox pursued her interest in the field of international development through attaining her bachelor’s degree in International Studies with minors in Spanish, business, and international business. Within the IS major, she focused her studies in the area of global development as well as Africa and the Middle East. Cheyenne felt as though her thematic concentration coupled with her language skills and business background provided her with a solid foundation in the field of international development.

Not only did Cheyenne’s coursework as an International Studies major prepare her for a career in her field of interest, but also connected her with valuable opportunities for involvement on campus. As an undergraduate, Cheyenne applied her knowledge of the factors constraining social and economic development through acting as Student


Seeking to learn more about the global community and to look deeper into his Mexican heritage, Cesar Avila is pursuing a major in International Studies with focuses in Latin America and comparative politics and societies. Cesar has elected to further explore the interaction between politics and the global economy by also pursuing a major in French and International Economics (FLIE). Using his internationally oriented skill sets and multidisciplinary knowledge of economics, Avila hopes to pursue a career with the Foreign Service upon graduation.

As Cesar works to complete his sophomore year at UK, he has enhanced his expertise in Latin American societies and politics through studying under Dr. Magda Hinojosa, a distinguished professor of political science at Arizona State University. This experience further propelled his desire to study abroad in both Argentina and France. He


Majoring in International Studies as well as Chinese and International Economics (FLIE), Michael Di Girolamo has been able to combine his passion for learning foreign languages with the study of international commerce. Michael is focusing his studies in East, South, and South East Asia with a thematic concentration in comparative politics and societies. The flexibility of the major has allowed him to study Chinese and pursue a minor in Italian all while continuing to learn Korean. This past summer, Michael further refined his Korean language skills and gained an in depth understanding of American diplomacy through his participation in an internship at the U.S. Embassy in South Korea.

As an International Studies major, Michael has greatly enjoyed the multidisciplinary nature of his coursework. Through completing an introductory course in international relations as well as


By Chris Crumrine, Amy Jones-Timoney, Kody Kiser, and Brad Nally


“To actually be in Washington, D.C. is unlike anything that you can experience in a classroom or here in Kentucky,” says Hayley Leach. “The hands-on experience is unlike anything you can get.”

That is the primary goal of the University of Kentucky’s WilDCats at the Capitol program — to provide students with unique opportunities in the nation’s capital; support them through organized housing, academic credit and financial aid; and provide a rewarding and professional experience that will serve them beyond graduation.

Over the last year, more than 40 UK students from multiple disciplines have walked the halls of Congress alongside elected officials and policymakers, gaining a dynamic academic and professional experience


Pursuing her interest in politics and the study of Latin American societies, Kendall Hitch graduated in December of 2018 with her bachelor’s degree in Political Science and minors in both International Studies and Latin American Studies. In coming to choose these fields of study, Kendall shared how, “I have always been extremely intrigued by the way in which cross-cultural experiences force you out of your comfort zone and open you to new thought processes and ideas.” For Kendall, the International Studies minor has allowed her to focus her studies in the realm of international development through interdisciplinary coursework on UK’s campus and experiences abroad.

In completing an International Studies minor, Kendall has been able to equip herself with the skills necessary to pursue a career in intercultural education. In order to advance her knowledge of


By Whitney Hale

The University of Kentucky Office of Nationally Competitive Awards has announced that 2018 modern and classical languages/Chinese studies and international studies graduate Bridget Nicholas, of Covington, Kentucky, will receive one of only 30 Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowships. Nicholas is the second UK student to be awarded the prestigious honor.

Funded by the U.S. Department of State and administered by Howard University, the Pickering Fellowship Program provides graduate students with up to $37,500 annually in financial support for a two-year master's degree in a field related to the Foreign Service, as


Understanding the value of the International Studies minor in enhancing her study of politics, Willow Kreutzer graduated from UK with a major in Political Science as well as minors in both International Studies and Women and Gender Studies. To further refine her knowledge in these areas, Willow completed certifications in Peace and Conflict Studies as well as Global Studies. Each of these academic areas stood to complement the other while providing her with a comprehensive background in political theory. Willow sees the International Studies minor as having allowed her to focus her interest in political science within the areas of international relations and politics.  

During her sophomore year, Willow had the opportunity to complete coursework for her IS minor while studying abroad in Spain. She completed demanding courses in international politics that she believes greatly


Belonging to one of the first graduating classes of the International Studies major, Jon Hibbard was able to combine his interest in European art and culture with his passion for the French language through pursuing a double major in International Studies and French. Jon views the International Studies major as having given him a distinctive opportunity to explore his diverse academic interests in a manner that was complementary to his studies of French and history. In light of the multidisciplinary nature of the major, Jon explained that, “I was able to meet and form connections with many amazing professors and peers I wouldn’t have otherwise met.”

As an undergraduate student, Jon worked at the UK Medical Center to support himself through college. During his junior year, he was given the opportunity to study abroad in Saint-Etienne, France for the full academic year. Jon


Alli Peoples graduated in spring 2018 with her bachelor’s degree in International Studies and Spanish. Upon graduation, she moved to Madrid, Spain, where she is currently working as an English Language and Culture Assistant at the bilingual primary school, CEIP Lepanto. At Lepanto, Alli not only plays an active role in English instruction in the classroom in multiple subject areas, but also in helping students to develop a multicultural mindset. In her words, “being an International Studies major helped me develop a foundation of knowledge that gave me the confidence to pursue a job abroad.” She believes her ability to help cultivate this mindset in her students was greatly enhanced by her coursework as an International Studies major, which helped her to first understand the shared values and identities of her own culture and then employ this knowledge to develop an understanding and


A&S Summer Travel Grants : The College of Arts & Sciences offers awards for international travel. These awards are for independent travel abroad to specified cities and sites, not for formal programs through Education Abroad. Please complete the travel grant application and return to 251 Patterson Office Tower. 

Study Abroad in Italy: Vivere L'Italia: Between Ancient Myths and Modern Film Vivere l'Italia (Living Italy) is a six-week program based in Rome and select locations in Southern Italy. The courses will engage the students in a 360 degree exploration of Italian culture by analyzing how classical myths and modern cinema contributed to reflecting and shaping Italian culture. Students will study the mythology of the ancient Greeks and Romans while visiting archaeological remains and works of art from antiquity to

This post contains a listing of organizations currently accepting job and internnship applications, as well as any available volunnteer opportunities. The post is divided into local and international postings. Remember, regardless of your regional or thematic concentration, work experience in your feild of interest is always important. For example, if you're interested in working in international development and working with children, starting off with an organization like the Nest can give you wonderful topical expertise in how to work with children. If you are interested in working in global health, working with an orgainzation like AVOL shows you are dedicated to health care provision both locally and internationally. This list will be updated periodically. Local Opportunities Comparative Politics 
Wildcat Voices Project Two professors in the UK Linguistics Department are undertaking an expansive project to hear from all students on campus— literally. UK students come from across the commonwealth and around the world and each of us brings a voice that reflects who we are and where we come from. This project is intended to take a snapshot of the voices of all UK students so we can better understand the voices that make up the University of Kentucky. Who can participate? If you are a student and at least 18 years old, you can help the UK Department of Linguistics better understand our community by contributing your voice to the Wildcat Voices project. Just visit our site from any computer or Android phone and add your voice today! Visit the website to record your voice: Read more about the

By Nate Harling

Mark Kornbluh, dean of the University of Kentucky College of Arts & Sciences, has named Emily Beaulieu the new Director of International Studies. Beaulieu, an associate professor of comparative politics in the Department of Political Science, has spent 12 years teaching and conducting research at UK.

Beaulieu obtained a bachelor’s degree in International Studies and French from the University of Washington, and her master’s and doctoral degrees in political science from the University of California, San Diego. She has published a number of works relating to international politics, including, “Electoral Protest and Democracy in the Developing World,” for which she constructed an original data set of election-related protest and reform throughout the developing world for a 31 year period.

“I love the idea, as director of International Studies,


Events include:

The Universal Language: Latin
September 17th, 2018, Patterson Hall 218, 4:00pm-5:00pm
Drs. Milena Minkova and Terence Tunberg from the Modern & Classical Languages, Literatures and Cultures Department will present “The Universal Language: Latin” at the International Village LLP.

Cultural Research and Internship Opportunities
September 18th, 2018, Gatton College of Business, 435 UV, 3:00pm-4:00pm
Panelists will include Juliana McDonald, George Crothers, Philip Mink, and Renee Bonzani from the University of Kentucky’s Department of Anthropology. The University of Kentucky Department of Anthropology offers programs in three sub-disciplines of anthropology: archaeology, cultural, and biological. Learn about new and upcoming research, opportunities for field work, as well as their experiences with working with the Museum of


A&S Winter Travel Grants for International Studies Students

Winter Travel Break 2018 to London, Paris and Berlin. Receive up to $1,700 towards your winter break travel! International Studies Majors ONLY. Students must have 30+ earned credit hours to apply. Must have at least a 3.0 GPA to apply. Applications are due September 28, 2018 by 4:00pm in room 251 Patterson Office Tower. For more information attend the IS Travel Grant Budget Workshop or visit:


By Loretta Stafford

Josie Dupler traveled to Iraq and Turkey to teach and tutor immigrant children.

Servant leadership has always been important to University of Kentucky alumna Josie Dupler. After earning a degree in international studies with a minor in Arabic and Islamic studies, Dupler traveled to the middle east to teach, tutor and empower migrant children in Iraq and Turkey. 

Throughout the months of April, May and June, Dupler volunteered with the Light A Candle Project, a nonprofit organization that focuses on providing aid and relief to families fleeing from war-torn areas. While in Iraq, she taught English to children ages two through eight; she also tutored middle and high school students.  

Many of the refugees she served were


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