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Mission Statement

The University of Kentucky recognizes the need to prepare students to be culturally competent in an increasingly global society. International Studies at UK is an interdisciplinary program within the College of Arts and Sciences.  Its mission is to advance students’ understanding of and appreciation for the global connections, and to focus on one of several thematic fields and one major world region. International Studies at UK helps the Commonwealth address the increased need for citizens and workers to have an international perspective, and the concepts, tools and language training to work cross-culturally.

The International Studies major requires each student to understand a global theme and a non-North American world region from multiple perspectives, to gain competence in a related foreign language, and to carry out in-depth research and writing. International Studies majors graduate with knowledge and skills that enable them to live and work as global citizens throughout the world. The critical analytical skills and the multi-disciplinary perspectives gained as International Studies majors prepare students to be adaptable and successful in their future careers. The International Studies major is flexible and rigorous and is an ideal major for students with curiosity about world affairs and with broad interests in multiple disciplines.