International Studies Winter Travel Grant Recipient: Jordan McCay

Jordan McCay, currently a junior at the University of Kentucky, was one of three students to receive the 2018 College of Arts & Sciences International Studies Winter Travel Grant. Using the funds provided to her by this grant, Jordan was given the opportunity to travel to Berlin and London over the course of two weeks. Having previously studied abroad in Japan, her time in these two cities not only allowed her to visit historical and cultural sites but share in these experiences with the international friends she made while in Japan.

In Berlin, Jordan visited multiple museums and memorials throughout the city. Of the sites she visited, Jordan’s experience at the Jewish Museum of Berlin has stuck with her the most. She recalled not only the powerful nature of the exhibits but also how the purposeful architectural design of the museum was able to relay German-Jewish history. She distinctly remembers making her way through the basement of the museum that consisted of three axes symbolizing the three paths of Jewish life in Germany - continuity in German history, emigration from Germany, and the Holocaust.

During her time in London, Jordan was able to pursue activities centered around both her interest in history and sustainability studies. She greatly enjoyed seeing St. Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey in person, in addition to visiting the Imperial War Museum. One of the main reasons Jordan chose to visit London was due to her previous studies in Japan that focused on sustainable cities. In her free time, she was able to further pursue her interest in this area through taking an “Eco-London” tour of which focused on sustainable architecture throughout the city. As Jordan’s time in the U.K. came to a close, she and a few close friends made their way to the River Thames to watch fireworks and welcome the new year.

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